To make a reservation:

  • Click a room booking group from the list on the right. You will then see a visual display of all the rooms in that group with their availability highlighted in green.  Rooms can only be reserved one week in advance.
  • Choose the day you would like to reserve, then click on the room and time on the grid to begin making your reservation; you will be prompted to enter your information below the schedule grid and may need to scroll down depending on your device/browser settings. 
  • If you would like more than one block of time, you can click several boxes per reservation, up to a 2 hour maximum per day.
  • NOTE! You MUST be a current USC student and use your USC e-mail address when submitting your reservation-no other account is required or accepted. You will receive an e-mail requiring you to click a confirmation link within 30 minutes to complete your reservation.  If you do not click the link and confirm, your reservation will be canceled.
  • Please forward your confirmation e-mail to your fellow group members so they have your reservation information. 
  • Room Reservation policies are available here.  
  • Other meeting and academic event spaces not listed here may be reservable by visiting[0]=45.

Room Bookings

Use our online tool to book study rooms in the library.